BILHI LIVER Cancer HCV is a genetic test performed by BILHI Genetics, in collaboration with a medical biology laboratory. The genetic test is based on BILHI Genetics’ in-vitro diagnostic medical device. Its purpose is to determine the risk of developing liver cancer of the hepatocellular carcinoma type.

Liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) is the 3rd most deadly cancer. It develops preferentially in a liver whose properties have been severely altered by chronic inflammation. This inflammation may be due to a viral infection, such as hepatitis C.

The BILHI LIVER Cancer HCV test measures the risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma after being infected with the hepatitis C virus. It takes into account 29 genetic markers as well as non-genetic factors; such as gender, viral genotype of the hepatitis C virus, co-infection with hepatitis B virus and alcohol consumption. The exploration technique used is a SNaPshot® microsequencing technique.

BILHI LIVER Cancer HCV is a completely painless saliva test. It is very easy and fast to carry out. This test will soon be available from your practitioner.

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