Our predictive tools

Solutions for preventive health care

Our predictive tools

BILHI Genetics only investigates fields in which predictive medicine could bring about a preventative or curative solution to the patient.

Available from 2018, the initial tests commercialised by Bilhi Genetics target any person who wishes to know their genetic predisposition to developing skin fibrosis, known as keloid scars, before a surgical intervention.

In the near future, Bilhi Genetics will be able to detect the genetic predispositions of an individual developing liver cancer.

In the long term, we will create tests which allow the identification of an individual’s risk in developing cardiac, pulmonary and renal fibrosis.

Every test from Bilhi Genetics has the aim of providing useful information to the practitioner, so that they can offer the best patient care and intervene in time, in order to avoid the patient developing serious fibrosis.

Since we are convinced that P4 medicine – Predictive, Preventative, Personalized and Participatory – will be able to reduce inequalities in healthcare, we will continue our work on the implementation of an accessibility policy of our solutions for everybody.

Preventative Vs. Curative

The predictive tools offered by BILHI Genetics allow the people concerned to make changes in their behaviour and hygiene very early, and thus reduce the risk of developing a serious illness.

This new generation of predictive tools to detemermine the evolution of fibrosis has a triple benefit :

For practitioners: guide and improve their clinical choices

For patients: improve their quality of life and their chances of survival

Social security : generally reduce healthcare costs.

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