Our values

BILHI Genetics scientific discoveries are based on 40 years of research on Bilharzia, a neglected tropical illness affecting the poorest populations of the planet.

These populations are still very far from being world health priorities and unfortunately benefit from very few medical advancements.Based on this information, BILHI Genetics was created from the researchers’ desire to utilize their discoveries to help people most in need. Replacing social innovation withtechnological innovation, developing a virtuous economic model combining economic profit and social impact: these are the challenges that the founders are facing. These are also the sources of inspiration towards the company values.

Principle of Fairness
We would like everybody to have the same level of access to healthcare. Our work is based on a principle of fairness; we look for solutions that enable us to counteract the social and economic conditions which prevent access to healthcare among certain populations.
Never give up
Conscious of the obstacles and unknown challenges that will arise, we will prove our resilience with braveness and courage, because we believe in our convictions and we act daily with intention to succeed in our mission.
Stay attentive to the well-being of others
If the aim of our mission is, indeed, the wellbeing of the patient, then it is just as important for us to be attentive to he wellbeing of our collaborators ans partners. It is therefore imperative that our actions are driven by goodwill.
Preserve the connection that unite us
Rich in our professional and cultural diversities, we strive to ensure a powerful internal cohesion, especially with other organizations who participate towards our development, on order to stay on course with our objectives.
Give everything our best shot
At any given moment, we apply an emulative mindset and we excel in our research and our actions. Being passionate and enthusiastic about what we do is source of our relentlessness.
Be trustworthy
The trust of our patients, our collaborators ans our partners is vital. This trust stems from 30 years of research and clinical trials at INSERM, as well as our commitment to be transparent rigorous, clear, comprehensive and, above all, fully respectful of a patient's privacy.
Dare to question ourselves
Our never-ending search for meaning: to understand and question ourselves constantly over how best to utilize and implement predictive medicine. We do not do this out of obligation, but out of desire to take a humanistic approach in our work.

Our code of ethics

Theses values are also presented in our code of ethics, which you may consult below. The ethical committee, who established these ethics, are BILHI Genetics employees and have guaranteed respect for the code.