Tests commercialised by BILHI Genetics are the pinnacle in the chain reuniting different actors, all driven by the importance of an individual’s well-being. The choice of our partnerships as well as our ability to collaborate together is a fundamental element towards the success of our business.

Researchers, practitioners, laboratories, international organisations, NGOs, public and government organisations: each partnership contributes towards improving the quality and accessibility of genetics to as many people as possible.

A laboratory of excellence

Research institutions

Research at the heart of BILHI Genetics’ scientific discoveries has been carried out at INSERM, a laboratory of excellence.

Over the past 40 years, our scientific team’s research has lead them to numerous countries in Asia, in Africa, in Europe and in Latin America. Over time, our team have learnt to build a solid international network of researchers and doctors, with whom we continue to work with very closely in order to be able to offer solutions adapted to different population types. Research excellence is the “sine qua non” condition towards the success of our entrepreneurial project. For this reason, we are always interested in collaborating with quality researchers who share our values.

An important tool for decision support


BILHI Genetics predictive solutions were conceived as an important tool for practitioners, faced with illnesses, for the most part asymptomatic, and for which information on a patient’s genetic profile can be strategic. Their feedback is, therefore, essential in helping us to develop the best solutions in order to bring about a real change in the prevention of certain pathologies. Since they play a key role in the success of our predictive tools, BILHI Genetics is constantly looking for practitioners who wish to participate in the development of personalised medicine.


The UK ambassador for BILHI Skin Keloid is Mr Olivier Amar (, a plastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic, London.  For appointments please call 02072054050.

Scars are very common but can cause a great deal of unhappiness. Scars may occur as a result of accidents, acne, burns, diseases or surgery. As a doctor and researcher, I am dedicated to the management, prevention and improvement of scars.


Improve the state of patient's health

World health

Developing solutions intended to improve the state of a patient’s health only makes sense if the solutions are accessible. Some of the diseases that BILHI Genetics is working on affect some of the most vulnerable populations on the planet, for which the concept of accessibility goes further than simply the pricing. By intervening on-site in Brazil and Uganda, working closely with public health organisations on-site, and by actively participating in discussions lead by the WHO as part of an Expert Committee or during an international conference, BILHI Genetics is working towards achieving a better state of health for everyone. For this, and because we are convinced that we cannot do this alone, we wish to collaborate with any public or private organisation who shares our ambition.

A high value-added sector


BILHI Genetics is evolving in a high valued-added sector, one of innovation and health.

As a stakeholder of a network consisting of incubators, BPI (Public investment bank), and biotechnology companies, BILHI Genetics is keen to maintain constant interactions with all of these actors in order to construct a favourable environment for developing R&D.